We need you to help us make the NHS70Stroud events happen!

For our exhibition from 25th June – 1st July we need people who can sit with the exhibition for a time – we need to fill a rota to cover at least 10am – 4pm on each of those days. Can you help? You don’t need to know anything about the NHS or PFI – though it would help if you do – we just need someone to keep an eye on the photographs, hand out information and collect donations. Contact us!

For the #OurNHS70 march in London on Saturday 30th June we need stewards who can help us ensure everyone has an enjoyable day at the demonstration and gets back to the coach safely. You don’t need to have done anything similar before, we can provide you with all the information you need. Contact us!

For our celebration day in Lansdown Hall and Bank Gardens on 7th July we need stewards who can guide people around the event and collect donations, and other helpers – if you’re an NHS worker who is a member of a Professional Association or union, we’d also like to hear from you if you’d like your group to have an information stall or display at the event. Please get in touch if you’d like to be involved via nhs70stroud@gmail.com or using our contact form.

We’d love it if lots of people displayed our “Our NHS is 70 / Bevan quote” poster (pdf, designed at A3 but can be printed at other sizes using print settings). Printed copies are available from our stalls in Kings St/at the exhibition – each Saturday before the 7th July.

We also need donations to help make the event happen – if you can afford it, you can donate at: www.gofundme.com/nhs70stroud.

Finally, we need all the help with publicity we can get, please share this website on social media or send an email to your friends. Here’s a NHS70Stroud Facebook post you could share, and here’s an NHS70Stroud tweet you could retweet!