Call to artists

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the NHS and we are hosting events in poster with "Our NHS is 70" in blue heart, website address, and quote from Aneurin Bevan's In Place of Fear - "The resources of medical skill and the apparatus of healing shall be placed at the disposal of the patient, without charge, when he or she needs them ... they should be made available to rich and poor alike in accordance with medical need and by no other criteria.”Stroud to mark the occasion.

We would like to bring this special day alive with artwork from our supporters and asking that you take a quotation from Aneurin Bevan about the National Health Service as inspiration for a piece of work – please see below for quotes we have picked out.

Ideally, we are looking for A2 PDFs we can print as portrait-format posters, but scans of A4 drawings or submissions in other formats are welcome.

Please email your submission to giving clear indication of dimensions, technical specifications, and if you require the piece to be returned, by Monday 18th June, so that we can display the submissions at our Exhibition from 25th – 30th June at Lansdown Gallery and at our NHS Birthday Celebration on Saturday 7th July in Lansdown Hall. Contact us if you have any questions.

Our events get local/national coverage and this particular art show will be submitted to The World Transformed Festival where your work will be likely to receive substantial media coverage and visibility. 

Here are seven Bevan quotations, most of them taken from his 1952 book In Place of Fear.

  1. “Society becomes more wholesome, more serene, and spiritually healthier, if it knows that its citizens have at the back of their consciousness the knowledge that not only themselves, but all their fellows, have access, when ill, to the best that medical skill can provide.”
  2. “The essence of a satisfactory health service is that the rich and the poor are treated alike, that poverty is not a disability, and wealth is not advantaged.”
  3. “medical treatment and care should be a communal responsibility that should be made available to rich and poor alike in accordance with medical need and by no other criteria.”
  4. “financial anxiety in time of sickness is a serious hindrance to recovery, apart from its unnecessary cruelty.”
  5. “Preventable pain is a blot on any society. Much sickness and often permanent disability arise from failure to take early action and this in its turn is due to high costs and the fear of the effects of heavy bills on the family.”
  6. “Abuse occurs where an attempt is made to marry the incompatible principles of private acquisitiveness with a public service. Does it therefore follow that the solution is to abandon the field to commercialism? Of course not. The solution is to decrease the dependence on private enterprise.”
  7. “no society can legitimately call itself civilised if a sick person is denied medical aid because of lack of means.”

We have one example poster which we are hoping to get people to display around town – download our “Our NHS is 70” heart / Bevan quote poster (pdf, designed at A3 – can be printed smaller using print settings).